Switching to eLearning has been essential for many businesses during the pandemic and this flexible, interactive and convenient training method has been a success for both employees and businesses. Whether you’re trying to encourage personal development in staff, you need regular health and safety training or you are ready to outsource your business training program, we have the ideal solution. There are a huge number of online courses available but often custom content is needed and we provide the perfect balance between detailed learning programs and information that is necessary for your business.

What is a bespoke online training plan?

There are countless online learning providers who offer courses but it’s important to choose the right one for your business. Often online training courses can focus on set elements, without any customisation to your unique business, which can leave gaps in knowledge. A bespoke eLearning program with custom content can allow your employees to access useful, relevant information in a way that is engaging and convenient.

Here at ELCOM, we have years of experience crafting unique online training plans, complete with multimedia content. In fact, we’ve created courses for SDP Scotland that complement their existing webinars, enhancing delivery methods with video content, gamification and more.

Just some of the courses we provide include:

– Expanding Your Business Globally – Tendering in New Markets
– Understanding the Public Sector
– Inventory Management System (Administrators)
– Passing the Selection Stage – The Single Procurement Document
– Incorporating Net Zero When Tendering

How to introduce eLearning to your team

It’s also important to make sure all the members of your team know how to access the eLearning and have time to access it. Make sure your training lead has completed the training themselves so they can answer any questions and demonstrate the tools for learners. Some businesses choose to use incentives to encourage their team members to complete training.

Allow flexible learning times

By offering an online course, staff members can access it whenever they choose, which means if they miss the date of a training day, they can catch up online. Flexible learning also allows learners to have more agency over their studies and they can learn at a pace that best suits them.

Focus on knowledge gaps

If your business has certain areas it is focussing on for growth, a dedicated online training course can be the perfect way to prepare staff for these new opportunities. A course like Understanding Your Role in Contract Management – Critical Success Factors can outline the responsibilities your team need to meet and how to work together on new contracts.

Adopt modular learning

There are a number of benefits to modular learning programmes, including a better study balance, more time to reflect on subjects and greater choice. Because the information is available online, in a clear order, learners can go back to sections they were unsure on or study a certain topic again to further their knowledge. An on-demand, modular learning approach can also make it far easier for learners to engage with and remember information.

It’s highly scalable

There is no realistic cap on the upper number of users, so an organisation doesn’t have to choose who can take the course. In fact, the whole team can take it easily, increasing access to knowledge and ensuring everyone receives the same level of training for improved productivity and motivation.

Choose a bespoke training platform

Our unique online training courses are designed to be interactive and dynamic, whilst covering the subjects relevant to your organisation. We can utilise a range of tools, such as If your business in Scotland is trying to target the public sector, a course like Using Public Contract Scotland (PCS) – How to Find & Bid for Opportunities would be far more useful than a generic course on procurement.

Get in touch

If your business needs help creating a bespoke training plan, we have a wide range of courses to choose from as well as custom content and an implementation strategy. Call us today to discuss how we can transform your business with carefully created online programmes that cover all of your training requirements.