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Supplier: Find. Win. Deliver.

All you need to get ‘Fit to Supply’ whether selling to the public or private sector.

Build the capability and capacity of your business to find, win and deliver new and additional business. ELCOM Supplier Services provides a range of value-added applications to strengthen and build the success of your business. Whether selling to the public or private sector, build your Capacity and Capability through integrated ‘Fit to Supply’ services.

Opportunity Alerts

Find, track and share new and exclusive contract opportunities to drive sales and business growth. Because tendering is a team sport.

Bid Intelligence

Real-time analytics. Review past performance to increase your win rate. Benchmark your sales performance with rank and price positioning.

eLearning Courses

Access our on-demand training. Leverage our experience to enhance your capability to Find, Bid and Win contacts successfully.

Ready to grow your business?

Our Supplier Services provide a range of value-added applications to strengthen and build the success of your business.


Buyer: Simplify. Fortify. Economise.

Reduce cost, mitigate risk, and secure efficient procurement process.

MultiQuote is a dynamic real-time pricing marketplace with a demonstrable track record for delivering cash savings across all expenditures.


Visibility and Control over your procurement, stock & spend data. Uncover hidden insights, make informed and smarter decisions.

More Solutions

Buyers’ end-to-end solutions for Spend Management, enabling single integration, removing fragmentation, and process duplication.


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