Businesses who are ready to grow and access wider markets in the public sector often find it hard to gain those first few contracts. At ELCOM, our innovative Supplier Services eLearning courses are designed to give suppliers all the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to become great regular suppliers. Whether you want to try and get more public sector contracts, handle tendering more professionally or learn about compliance, we have the ideal bespoke training solutions. Let’s take a look at three reasons your business should consider investing in supplier services courses.

1) Understand technical tendering practices

Many businesses who are trying to work with the public sector run into difficulties when it comes to the technical side of tendering practices. A supplier service course will teach your team how to use a range of innovative technologies to streamline the tendering process and win valuable contracts. We provide full training for all of our innovative supplier services, with tutorials and guides to the best tendering practices for the public sector.

2) Grow your business

Small businesses can often feel overwhelmed when applying for public sector contracts but our thorough training courses give you and your team the tools to make the most of lucrative opportunities. Whether you are trying to get your food product into school kitchens or supply PPE to hospitals, we can teach you how to make sure your offering is competitive, attractive, and actionable. If you’re growing your team, our supplier services courses are brilliant for training new staff and can supplement or replace existing training courses.

3) Access our innovative Multiquote tool

At ELCOM, we’ve developed a dynamic real-time pricing marketplace that has a database of over 10,000 suppliers. This allows suppliers and procurement specialists to manage competition, test the market and provide quotations for potential projects. Businesses who utilise our Multiquote tool have seen a dramatic increase in winning tenders, with opportunity alerts, eFunding, and eTrading options.

Take a course

If your business is ready to improve its supplier services, at ELCOM, our supplier learning courses are designed to provide public sector training, improve supplier development and prepare your business for these new opportunities. Contact us today to find out how your business could benefit from our innovative eLearning programs.