Hospital administration is a very open and nebulous role. It includes a wide range of specific responsibilities and tasks requiring a significant amount of information. This is where eLearning plays a key role in improving staff performance. Learn more about the role of eLearning in hospitals and how it leads to better hospital performances in the long term.

Comprehensive learning

One of the first benefits of using eLearning in hospital administration is the comprehensive nature of the information. An effective eLearning package contains everything from barcode scanning guidance and PPE procurement to supporting theatre staff in their operating procedures. A system such as ELCOM eLearning encompasses all of the most important information hospital staff need to learn and ensures that staff work in a more effective manner.

On-to-go education

eLearning means that teaching and learning in your organisation become more flexible than before. Learning digitally means making full use of devices such as tablets, phones and laptops for learning on an online platform. This means that clinicians and hospital administration staff have the opportunity to learn in a range of different environments, whether working from home or in the office. Such a degree of flexibility means that staff can fit learning in whenever and wherever possible, making the workforce far more versatile.

This is especially important in a formal education setting such as Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals (or NNUH). Implementing ELCOM eLearning means that students have the flexibility to support patients whilst learning on their own devices. The curriculum becomes more flexible and the university offers better care for patients.

Ensuring consistent results

Another benefit of using eLearning is the use of thorough testing at the end of the process. Many modules feature tests at the end of the module, establishing just how much a member of staff knows and providing refresher courses for those that struggle. As a healthcare provider, knowing that your staff understands everything from health consumables to simple customer service is essential. Using tests effectively means that you keep your staff working at a high standard and provide the best possible service for your patients.

Try eLearning

If you’re looking to improve the quality of staff performances across your organisation, using ELCOM’s comprehensive eLearning services means that your team has all of the skills and tools necessary to provide top-quality service to all of your patients.