As a small business, building up your client base is important for your long-term success. If you’re looking to secure more work and clients in the public sector, there are now various tools available to help with creating winning bids. eLearning has a focus on achieving clear learning objectives and outcomes, guiding learners in a more direct way. This is especially useful for Scotland Supplier Development Programme (SDP Scotland), a public sector procurement agency that is looking to educate suppliers that support their drive towards net zero and more sustainable projects.

What is the public bidding process?

The bidding process is the method the government uses to find a supplier or contractor for a project. The tender process is mandatory for most contracts as the government seeks a greater degree of transparency and more value for the taxpayer. After the government releases an “open tender”, qualified companies submit their bids, including the cost to the taxpayer and what the company can provide to the government. After the process closes, the relevant government department picks the most appropriate contract.

Why use eLearning to educate suppliers?

SDP Scotland uses eLearning as a means of educating its clients for a range of different benefits. Just some of these benefits include:

More flexible delivery: Digital learning is available on a range of devices.

Targeting outcomes: eLearning modules target very specific outcomes and feature assessments.

Higher capacity: Online courses have theoretically unlimited capacity, a clear benefit in comparison to classroom learning.

Why SDP Scotland chose ELCOM eLearning

When looking for an asynchronous model to deliver high-quality learning to staff members whenever they need it, SDP Scotland turned to ELCOM eLearning. ELCOM was chosen because of our knowledge of public sector procurement and our ability to fill in the gaps in their course content and source material. ELCOM eLearning delivered a batch of 11 different eLearning courses, using knowledge of the public sector procurement process to provide original content that maximised SDP Scotland’s webinar materials. These courses include:

• Quick Quote Made Easy

• Planning Your Bid – Timing and Resources

• Understanding & Bidding – Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

• Expanding Your Business Globally – Tendering in New Markets

eLearning provides a further pathway to support suppliers in public sector procurement. By broadening the content and topics available to learners using a new medium, learners work towards more direct objectives and outcomes, reaching clearly defined goals and ultimately implementing their new knowledge in productive ways.

Try ELCOM eLearning today

If you have an interest in using the public sector bidding process for your company’s growth, access eLearning services through SDP Scotland and find out how to make the most of the opportunities available to your organisation.