Training hospital staff is incredibly important for quality care and a priority for most healthcare providers, however, in practice, it can be hard to organise and deliver in a way that’s accessible for everyone. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, staff shortages and time pressure, training has often been missed, with many managers struggling to make sure everyone has caught up.

At ELCOM, we’re always excited to develop new eLearning courses, and our project with South West London Procurement Partnership (SWLPP) – a single procurement service working on behalf of 4 NHS trusts – was a great success.

Rethinking hospital training

There are so many potential issues when it comes to staff training in a busy hospital setting. At many NHS trusts across the country, training has previously been delivered in person and on-site. However, this causes many training bottlenecks, with staff being unable to get the same time off to attend training and annual leave or sickness disrupting training days. Due to all of these factors, combined with the onset of COVID-19, SWLPP decided they needed to find a better solution.

A unique solution

Our team at ELCOM talked with clinicians, administrative staff and professional trainers to develop accessible eLearning content for SWLPP. As part of our work, we delivered the following courses:

• Inventory Management System (Administrators)

• Inventory Management System(Procurement & Stock Managers)

• Point of Care (Theatre Staff)

• Point of Care (Administrators)

The results

The eLearning courses we developed for SWLPP provided an on-demand, online learning solution to both complement and extend the functionality of traditional on-site training. Covering safety procedures, procurement, hospital administration, and more, staff can now access these unique eLearning courses at a time that’s convenient to them.

SWLPP gave our team at ELCOM some excellent feedback, saying it was one of the best eLearning programs they had ever seen. In fact, one procurement manager said that it was very well written and that the system finally made sense for many team members, who had been struggling to get to grips with it for 3 years.

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